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Blacksmith's business adventure began in 1996 when the two owners (Umberto Erba and Marco Pellegrinelli), the former farrier and the latter easy rider, with the only common denominator "the passion for horses", made a trip to the States visiting farriers and professionals of the field, with the intent to learn and understand the secrets and organization of work into the horse world.

The results of the trip were so encouraging to convince them to start up this new experience once back in Italy.

As with all new adventures, the beginnings are difficult, but thanks to enthusiasm and tenacity (together with an iron will) they lay the foundations of the new company.
They find in a basement space of just 150 square meters the right place to start, and with one employee in 1996 Blacksmith snc is born.
They sell almost exclusively horseshoes of Italian production made by other companies, but in 1997 they make a qualitative leap with the production of farrier items, entirely Blacksmith made.
But it is since the following year (1998) that Blacksmith expands its horizons to other European countries, believing that it will be vital for the development of the company to focus also on the international market.

Umberto and Marco used to tell each other: "The entrepreneur has a duty to risk, he has no other option and risk means being in direct contact with the world: you have to understand what is happening outside, we must be innovative, increase products, open up the foreign market". It is in this groove that the catalog of products manufactured and marketed by Blacksmith enlarges and enriches with everything that a farrier could need in his work; including since 2007 the creation of custom fitted vans.
And last but not least, since 2010 the production of orthopedic aluminum horseshoes.

Among all the results obtained, in addition to the final transfer of the company to Ciserano (BG) with an area of 2000 square meters with 15 employees, we cannot forget the leading position achieved in the production of forges.
Another important if not ultimate step is the development of the partnership with MUSTAD HOOFCARE, world leader in farrier supplies, that in 1999 assigns Blacksmith the task to distribute its products, on an exclusive basis for Italy since 2002.
Following this innovative trend, in 2011 we completely renewed our image along with a new Italian product catalog and a new website launched with the new logo "MASCALCIA ITALIANA", intended to distinguish the general distribution in Italy from exportation of Blacksmith manufactured products abroad.

Aware of the science inherent in our work, for many years, in accordance with vets and farriers, Blacksmith has been promoting meetings to convey immediate practical feedback from the scientific development studies of the farriery field.
The possibility to offer to European Farriers (but not only...) the results of the latest scientific research, is from 1998 one of our long-standing commitment and conviction: this happens annually until 2004 and every two years afterwards. We have actually reached the 8th edition with the last Congress in Rimini during 2010. This complex job has always given us excitement, a sense of roots and what is more important, arisen a corporate pride.

Let's mention the various regional training workshops that we regurarly organize in Italy, it comes up what means for us doing business, grow, mature, diversify; conceptually it means to be as closer as possible to our customers.

Umberto Erba & Marco Pellegrinelli

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